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Posted Comments on WSJ Article-“Can Data From Your Fitbit Transform Medicine?”

Posted comments on June 23rd WSJ Technology article addressing telemedicine – I follow this area and emphasized need to do more to develop telemedicine in the United States

We lag most developed countries in the telemedicine arena which reduces the quality of our healthcare system and increases costs

You can see the WSJ article and my comments at

Here is a copy of comments I posted:

A winning formula- integrate telemedicine into patient’s EHRs. Mayo Clinic problems shows challenges. We are going in the wrong direction here. Three strategies to fully leverage telemedicine:1.Establish standards integrating remote monitoring devices with EHRs. The ACA ensures ‘meaningful use’ of EHRs. Well defined standards jumpstarts the remote health monitoring market moving from niche focus  2. Use analytics to emphasize benefits. Powerful analytics assess health issues and develop optimized treatment plans. For what is emerging, check out comments I posted on a site Posting 3. Pro-actively address security concerns. “Tops down” national initiative emphasizing benefits- prenatal care, chronic conditions, improved outcomes particularly in rural areas with 25% of population but only 10% of physicians. Need to counter serious security concerns. e.g., April 26th guidelines from the Federation of State Medical Boards which can hamper growth.

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Posted Comments on Fierce EMR: Should more be done to make docs happier with EHRs?

The ACA’s efforts to ensure ‘mesningful use’ of EHRs are creating backlash from practitioners and other healthcare players. Costs, operational issues, security, are among the problems often cited- these were reviewed in a May 29th article on FierceEMR (“Should more be done to make docs happier with EHR’s?”).

I posted comments emphasizing EHRs are a positive driver tor the healthcare sector, and shared a vision on what predictive analytics solutions are coming to improve healthcare quality and lower costs. EHR’s provide the foundation to help make this happen.

Here is an excerpt from my comments …

No question the EHR transition is creating challenges and physicians are on the front line here.But EHRs do provide the foundation to dramatically reshape today’s healthcare system and this is not an
overstatement. Take a step back here and look at the facts and what lies ahead

First our healthcare system is broken-most of us know the numbers, e.g., healthcare costs at 18 percent of GDP, etc. And we also see multiple studies showing the quality of U.S. healthcare lags behind most nations. I just reviewed the Social Progress Index report, created by a team led by Harvard Business School’s Professor Michael E. Porter- the report ranked 132 countries using 50 indicators. In the Health and Wellness category the United States ranks poorly at 70th, behind Mali (69th), and Nepal (68th), but, small consolation, ahead of Kuwait (71st).
Keep that in mind the next time you hear a pundit say “…our healthcare system works just fine and we don’t need to change it.” These studies are based on metrics and data analysis, not hype or talking points.

The ACA through the three stage meaningful use process is driving EHR adoption. The Commonwealth Fund surveyed doctors in 10 countries in 2012 and… READ MORE AT


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