•        Entrepreneurial Education Program Developed by Author for a Leading University   George Mason Univsersity  (Program Highlights and Press Interview)

                          Highlights Step Up Program George Mason University

                          GMU Patriot – Paul B. Silverman Press Interview_2009

  •    AEGIS  (Accelerated Entrepreneurial Global Investment System: A New Program Attracting Overseas Entrepreneurial Firms to the United States to Promote Job Creation, Innovation, and Economic Growth    AEGIS_Summary 072115
  • Inside Scoop Virginia TV Interview “Entrepreneurship, Job Creation, Economic Growth” Now On YouTube – July 27, 2015                 In the November 21, 2011 interview, I reviewed the challenges facing entrepreneurs,  recommended strategies, and entrepreneurial management perspectives. I also made the point, comparing the US to China and others, that we can be doing much more through creative policies leveraging entrepreneurship to create jobs and drive economic growth. The station posted the interview on YouTube today – check out at





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