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Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure: Two Teenagers’ Journey Planning And Launching A New Business

Want to buy an /ice cold glass of lemonade, it’s really good, made with fresh lemons, only fifty cents a cup,” shouted a small boy and his friend, no more than eight, with a hopeful gleam in his eyes  that you will say yes. And when you do, whether you are thirsty or not, you see a big smile- he made a sale and is on his way to making his first venture successful. This is not real venture-we know that- but to the very young entrepreneur he saw a need, thirsty people, created a product that met that need, ice cold lemonade, and made a sale. He’s happy and should be.

Fast forward a few more years. Living near the shore, they spend all their spare time pursuing their favorite pastime, fishing. And they have an idea for a new fishing jig- they design it, build a sample, test it, and it attracts more fish than any other jig. They know they have a great idea.

So now what? More complicated than setting up a lemonade stand. Now high school seniors, planning for college, wanting to pursue the new business opportunity. Many more questions than answers, clueless on where to start, and as they say, ‘… know zilch about business’.

Helping these two teenagers, Freddie Lampert and Billie Phillips, plan, launch and manage their new venture, turn their idea into an opportunity, is the journey readers will take with the two teenagers in Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure.

Both are older now and successfully launched a public software design company, but their teen year names- Billie and Freddie-stuck. Both are married with families, and launched a successful software company several years ago. They share their story on their teen age business journey, through a three-hour interview on a new TV show, Lessons For Young Entrepreneurs. Sharing their journey, they review the ups and downs, and planning to create a new fishing jig business with the help of Dr. Ralph Larsen, or ‘Doc’, and his constant companion, Mitch, described as the ‘droolingest’ St. Bernard they ever saw.

Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure is the first book in the Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series™ developed to provide young adults with new skills helping them plan, launch and manage a new business venture. Readers are introduced to the Business In A Box™ planning system with seven integrated models, developed by the author to introduce young adults to entrepreneurship.

The conversational style of Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure targets young adults and provides readers with a strong foundation to understand the drivers for creating a successful new venture. The ‘Business In A Box™’ seven model approach developed by the author is a powerful, simple to plan, launch and manage new ventures.

Using conversations and story telling techniques, not academic lectures, to develop a real business plan ensures Freddie and Billie’s ‘learn by doing’ experience and journey is well received by young adult readers. Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure achieves this objective by ensuring a light entertaining, highly readable, jargon-free style and structure with ‘quotable’ messages.

So if you are a young entrepreneur like Freddie or Billie, thinking about a new business idea you want to pursue, maybe design a new kitchen tool, create a new cookie business, create a new pet accessory, or maybe even develop a new fishing jig, you may also don’t know where to start. Or you are a future entrepreneur, don’t exactly know what you want to do but like the idea of ‘doing your own thing’, this book can help.

Helping young entrepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journey is why Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure was written- new book releases in the new Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series™ in early 2020. And if Freddie and Billie’s entrepreneurial journey helps even one young entrepreneur say ‘I can do that’, I will have accomplished my mission.

A Message from the Author:

LET’S CREATE THE NEXT GENERATION OF YOUNG ADULT ENTREPRENEURS… that is my mission and I am confident we can do it. Here is my thinking:

Teach young adults to fish and they eat.

Teach young adults entrepreneurship and they think about business.

Maybe they will want to create an on-line sporting goods store. Or develop a new technology to revolutionize the pet food industry. Or create a new tourism business. No limit on the possibilities.

 Entrepreneurship skills introduce young adults to business- how it works, how you evaluate ideas and shape these ideas into business opportunities.

Entrepreneurship also teaches students critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, ethics, social responsibility and how to plan, develop, launch and manage a new business.

 Entrepreneurship empowers young adults with a head start – thinking ‘out of the box’, testing traditional ways of thinking, translating physical actions into models to drill-down on potential opportunities.

And most important, Entrepreneurship empowers young adults with a competitive edge entering the job market regardless of what career path they pursue. One study shows one in three US employers seeks entrepreneurial experience in their new hires.

 All good, but there are challenges. Young adults prefer stories to textbooks. And compared to action stories, business can be boring. But it doesn’t have to be if we develop creative strategies to attract, motivate, and educate young adult readers. And that is why I created the Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series to spur young adult interest in entrepreneurship, helping them understand how to evaluate new business ideas and create successful new ventures.

Release Date: June 22, 2020

Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure

Author:  Paul B. Silverman

Publisher:        Gemini Business Press

ISBN  978-0-9835374-6-5

 LCCN  2020903999

 Number of Pages: 188

No. of Chapters: 23

Soft Cover 6”x 9” $9.95

Kindle Edition      $4.95      (Reduced Price  June 2023)

Available  at     Amazon

Local bookstore, library and educational institution distribution planned Fall 2023

Paul B. Silverman writes about entrepreneurship, healthcare, analytics, and strategy management and serves as Advisor, Speaker, Educator, and Managing Partner of the Gemini Business Group, LLC, a new venture development firm, and author of “8 Building Blocks To Launch, Manage, And Grow A Successful Business.” He also serves as Adjunct Professor in the School of Business at George Mason  University.  See more at Paul B. Silverman.com/Blog and sign up for Entrepreneurship Today! email updates to track latest new venture developments.

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