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IOTExcellent article in Forbes on big data, analytics, and business intelligence. You can see my comments (top comments section)  and the Forbes article at Read More

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More Mobile Devices Than People-IOT?

Interesting article in “Is Business Ready for the ‘Internet of Assets’?”

Here is a link to the article

Article quotes Digital analyst GSMA Intelligence that “… there are now more than 7.28 billion active mobile connections globally compared to 7.20 billion humans as per the US Census Bureau’s world population clock. What is more, these gadgets are multiplying 5 times faster than we are.” Read More

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Global Logistics Report:IOT /Analytics Impact

cargo shipsExcellent global logistics report by Colliers – check out last several sections on “Last Mile Innovations” in U.S., Europe, EMEA, and Asia Pacific

Further reinforces the outlook I and many others share – significant opportunity ahead for innovative integrated analytics and IOT applications that change business processes to lower costs, increase revenue, and improve strategic position. Read More

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Comments on Forbes Article – “Don’t Rube Goldberg Your IOT”

12Commented on Forbes Article – “Don’t Rube Goldberg Your IoT”

To successfully develop IOT solutions, we need to recognize IoT is a technology and learn from lessons from past revolutions such as e-commerce, EDI, and others. We need to also understand the role analytics will play in the IoT revolution which I also emphasized in my comments.

Here is a copy of my comments:

Thanks for the insightful IOT article and how you can avoid a ‘Rube Goldberg’ technology solution.

I have concerns about today’s IOT revolution based on my experience, working through other ‘revolutions’ such as e-commerce, EDI, cloud computing, analytics, and others. We are making progress on technology, security, interworking and similar challenges but I see lessons learned from other revolutions we must address.

Here are the 3 top critical success factors needed to create a mass market IOT:

1. Standards must move from ‘corporate’ internetworking to ‘market’ internetworking
We learned in the e-commerce/EDI revolution that spending the time and effort to develop standards for internetworking between suppliers, distributors, and customers provided the measurable benefits needed to ensure success. My experience addressing this challenge in the pharmaceutical/global distributor sectors confirmed this point. We need IOT standards for key sectors to provide the framework for growth.

2. Business strategy and process optimization must drive IOT, not technology

IOT is a technology – developing optimum, sustainable IOT solutions demand an experienced, multi-dimensional staff with strategy, financial, analytics, process analysis, and technology skills. The CIO will play a key role but … READ MORE AT Forbes Article- Dont Rube Goldberg Your IoT July 6


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