Advice for Young Entrepreneurs And Some Older Ones Also …

I published this post in late 2022. I recently discussed this with several young aspiring entrepreneurs – worth repeating :

Here are words of wisdom I often share with young entrepreneurs. I used this in the intro in a recent book for young entrepreneurs:



Good advice for older aspiring entrepeneurs as well

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Teach young adults entrepreneurship and they learn how business works; how to plan, develop, launch and manage a new business; how you shape ideas into business opportunities and earn money. No limit on the possibilities.

Entrepreneurship also teaches young adults critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, ethics, and social responsibility. Most important, Entrepreneurship gives young adults a competitive edge in the job market no matter what career path they pursue. One study shows one in three US employers seeks entrepreneurial experience in their new hires.

“That is why I created the Doc Larsen New Business Adventure Series to introduce young adults to entrepreneurship and help jumpstart their careers…”    

Paul B. Silverman

Check here for more info on the new Doc Larsen New Business Adventure Series for young adults and the first book in the series  Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure   

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New Book Released Today Targets Young Adults, Creating the Next Generation of Young Adult Entrepreneurs

I am pleased to announce a new book released today ‘Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure’, first book in a new Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series.

The new book and series contribute to helping create the next generation of young adult entrepreneurs which I consider critically important. I appreciated the initial positive  reviews . New book draws on teaching entrepreneurship/ management at 3 universities since 2002 and my four decades of corporate and new venture development and management.

Here is copy of today’s press release:

RESTON, Va., June 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure by Paul B. Silverman is the first book in the Doc Larsen Business Adventure Series™ providing young adults with new skills helping them plan, launch and manage a new business venture.

Print and Kindle Editions

Doc Larsen Business Adventure SeriesTM

  • Teach young adults to fish and they eat.
  • Teach young adults entrepreneurship and they think about business, understand how it works, how you evaluate ideas and shape ideas into business opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship empowers young adults with a head start – thinking ‘out of the box’, testing traditional ways of thinking, translating physical actions into models to drill-down on potential opportunities.
  • Entrepreneurship empowers young adults with a competitive edge entering the job market regardless of what career path they pursue. Entrepreneurship teaches students critical thinking, problem solving, creativity, teamwork, ethics, social responsibility and how to plan, develop, launch and manage a new business.

Young readers are introduced to the Business In A Box™ planning system with seven integrated models, developed by the author introducing young adults to entrepreneurship and providing a strong foundation on how to create a successful new venture. The ‘Business In A Box™‘ seven model approach is a powerful system, simple to plan, launch and manage new ventures. Easy to explain, the models fit together offering a simplified streamlined process and a powerful tool helping young adult entrepreneurs develop a new venture plan.

Using conversations and story-telling techniques, a light entertaining, highly readable, jargon-free style, not academic lectures, to develop a real business plan ensures Freddie and Billie’s ‘learn by doing’ experience and journey is well received by young adult readers.

The number of unemployed young adults (16 to 19 years) jumped from 12 million in March to 29 million in June. Given need to help address this challenge the new book was released today in the US and internationally on Amazon (print and Kindle). Distribution via bookstores, educational institutions and libraries, and promotional tour delayed until Fall 2020.

You can read the complete press release at Press Release PR Newswire

My view is we can do more to promote entrepreneurship, including innovative regional and possibly national programs building upon many excellent resources now in place. The new book and the creation of the Doc Larsen Business Adventure SeriesTM is my contribution as an initial step. Today’s entrepreneurial revolution is creating new alternatives to spur innovation and business development and will be discussing ideas we can pursue in coming months.

Creating the next generation of young adult entrepreneurs is an ambitious tasks and I invite all to do what you can to support this objective, or as Doc Larsen says, ‘Pay it Forward’ to our next generation of youbg adult entrepreneurs.

Comments always welcomed

Paul B. Silverman

For more information, refer to the book website at https://paulbsilverman.com/books/freddie-billies-new-business-adventure/  or Amazon Print and Kindle


Entrepreneurship. TV Interview. Nov 30th

Entrepreneurs need Untitled design(2)to  learn new traditional management skills to improve their ability to both attract funding and succeed. That is the message I delivered in a local TV interview discussing #entrepreneurship in Northern Virginia. The region is now called “Silicon Valley East” based on the surge of entrepreneurial ventures in the area.  Read More

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Forbes-Roundup Analytics,Big Data,BI, IOT

IOTExcellent article in Forbes on big data, analytics, and business intelligence. You can see my comments (top comments section)  and the Forbes article at Read More

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More Mobile Devices Than People-IOT?

Interesting article in AssetDNA.com “Is Business Ready for the ‘Internet of Assets’?”

Here is a link to the AssetDNA.com article

Article quotes Digital analyst GSMA Intelligence that “… there are now more than 7.28 billion active mobile connections globally compared to 7.20 billion humans as per the US Census Bureau’s world population clock. What is more, these gadgets are multiplying 5 times faster than we are.” Read More

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Surge Rate of Hispanic Entrepreneurship

Hispanic Entrepreneurs Are Beating Expectations and Bolstering the U.S. Economy

This point obviously seems to be missed in our current political debate. And the conclusions here are driven by numbers and data, not rhetoric. Hispanic entrepreneurship helps drive our economic growth. Read More

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Global Logistics Report:IOT /Analytics Impact

cargo shipsExcellent global logistics report by Colliers – check out last several sections on “Last Mile Innovations” in U.S., Europe, EMEA, and Asia Pacific

Further reinforces the outlook I and many others share – significant opportunity ahead for innovative integrated analytics and IOT applications that change business processes to lower costs, increase revenue, and improve strategic position. Read More

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Comments on Educational Gaming Article

Posted comments today on interesting article on “The Psychology Behind Why Gaming Helps Students Learn” in K-12 Tech Decisions. Article focused on how educational gaming helps students learn and provides good insights for using educational gaming for management training as I noted in my comments. My comments also noted that educational gaming is a high potential growth market Read More

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Gemini Business Group Now Focusing Exclusively on New Venture Development

3Starting September 15, 2015, Gemini Business Group, LLC will focus exclusively on addressing the needs of entrepreneurs and investors and offer a portfolio of new venture development and management support services that have been well received in the market.

The revised Gemini Business Group website provides an overview of the new directions we will be pursuing with clients in coming months.

Look for additional announcements in coming weeks on staff appointments , new developments, and updates on the Gemini Venture Partners Emerging Growth Fund.

I also encourage you to visit my blog www.paulbsilverman.com/blog and also sign up for the complimentary Entrepreneurship Today! e-mail updates which I am using to share new venture developments, management tips, insights on new venture financing trends such as equity crowdfunding, and other topics.

Your comments are always welcomed. Drop me a note anytime at paul@paulbsilverman.com.

Paul B. Silverman

Managing Partner

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