Interview Today on Rita Cosby Radio Show to Discuss Pres. Obama Jobs Plan Speech

I was invited today to provide my insights on President Obama’s job plan in an interview on Rita Cosby’s syndicated radio show WOR 710  (link : The Rita Cosby Show WOR 710)

I offered perspectives on the current jobs plan and also emphasized the point that 64 percent of all new U.S. hires are driven by firms with less than 500 employees, smaller firms, not major corporations, really drive U.S. innovation, and we can and should do more to help drive growth of emerging firms. I also shared some perspectives on the role of emerging companies in China and other countries and what they are doing to support their  emerging business sector. A podcast of the show and interview (interview starts at minute 19:00) is available at

The Rita Cosby Show- September 8, 2011

I expect to be discussing the above in other forums and with the administration in coming weeks.

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