Using Systems and Analytics To Beat Covid- Italy’s Experience

Using Systems and Analytics To Beat Covid- Italy’s ExperienceLessons to be learned here. Data and science based decision rules drive the process. Well defined, standardized systems communicated to all. No one ‘makes it up’ as you go along- you stay with the plan and modify as needed. Management discipline, analytics coupled with a cohesive reporting and execution, solid management- that is a winning formula. The numbers and results in Italy speak for themselves.

Is this a surprise? Not to any senior management executive who has managed major programs, launched new ventures or addressed critical business issues and understands management analytics and how they are used. No question we are in tough challenging times, but there are proven ways to win here and the Italy experience provides one blueprint on how it can be done. Let’s get moving,, all working in the same direction, save lives and get back to normal. Too much tine and too many lives lost which could have been avoided.

Paul B. Silverman

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