Comments- Are Analytics Shifting from Executives to Employees?

Interesting article in Information Management Feb 6th issue  discussing how analytics decisions are being driven by mid-level staff rather than C-level executives. But analytics demands resources- what analytics should be pursued; how should analytics be deployed to increase revenue, decrease costs, and improve strategic position; what are the company’s key competitive peer group metrics? These are C-level not middle management decisions. Analytics, effectively deployed, can provide high ROI, but successful adoption typically demands C-level participation.

My comments noted no question there is a C-level gap in in understanding how analytics drives increased revenue, decreased costs, and improved strategic position. The concept of “analytics competitor,” mentioned in Tom Davenport’s writings (Competing on Analytics, others) emphasize that “C-level” analytics, creatively applied, helps companies create winning strategies- examples which I have used in MBA courses are Netflix, Progressive, and even Cirque du Soleil which created a new ‘circus/theater’ market sector- if you wonder why you don’t see three circus rings or elephants, analytics played a key role in these and many other decisions. Worthwhile reading. Key point- C-level management teams that understand the power of analytics driving new business strategy will achieve above average returns and a competitive edge. “Tops-down” thinking and unfortunately missed by many.

Secondly, no doubt there is a ‘massive treasure trove of data’ available- big data is a resource, not a solution. Analytics are the tool to leverage ‘big data” to improve key metrics, e.g., revenue, costs, strategic position, and so on. And no doubt analytics supports and improves workforce operational decisions… Read more including perspectives on analytics in the healthcare sector at


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