You Have a Great New Business Idea and You Want to Make $$$. You Don’t Know Where to Start-So Now What??

Hi, my name is Paul Silverman and I can help.

I have more than four decades of senior corporate executive and management consulting experience, served as CEO of early stage public and private companies, taught entrepreneurship and management courses at three leading universities, and published three entrepreneurial management books. I am committed to promoting global entrepreneurship and creating our next generation of young entrepreneurs. I also appreciated the positive reviews for the first book I released for young adult entrepreneurs. Starting in early 2021, I will be working with sponsors and schools to explore how the new book series and other materials can help us meet my objective to help create the next generation of young adult entrepreneurs.

Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure Helps Young Adult Entrepreneurs Develop, Plan, Launch and Manage A New Business

The Challenges:

Starting a business is tough- there is a lot to know.

College-level Entrepreneurship courses typically target seniors who have to complete courses in Finance, Marketing, Business Planning among others before taking an Entrepreneurship course. I taught two senior level entrepreneurship courses in the Fall 2019 and Spring 2020 semesters- with 40 students in each class we used a 320 page textbook and covered 13 chapters during each 14 week semester. That is typical teaching college level entrepreneurship which works well.

But that doesn’t work for young adults, maybe high school students who also want to pursue new business opportunities.  A Gallup poll found that about 40 percent of students “…want to start a business or invent something that will change the world.”

My Commitment to Young Entrepreneurs:

I believe we can do more to help young entrepreneurs explore and develop new business opportunities.  I am committed to help educate young adults about entrepreneurship and acquire the skills to plan and develop new business opportunities.

And that is why I created the Doc Larson Business Adventure Series™ providing young adults with new skills to plan, launch and manage a new business venture. To support the series, I also developed a streamlined Business In A Box™ planning system with seven integrated models. The business planning system is based upon traditional new venture business models but streamlined and simplified for young adult entrepreneurs.

The first book in the series, Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure is now available on Amazon and will be available in bookstores and libraries by December 2020. Additional books in the series will be available starting early 2021.

The Story:  Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure

Two high school seniors, Freddie Lampert and Billie Phillips (‘Freddie and Billie’) spend all their spare time pursuing their favorite pastime, fishing. And they have an idea for a new fishing jig- they design it, build a sample, test it, and it attracts more fish than any other jig. They know they have a great idea.

So now what? More complicated than setting up the lemonade stand they did years ago. Now high school seniors, planning for college, wanting to pursue a new business opportunity. Many more questions than answers, clueless on where to start, and as they say, ‘… know zilch about business’.

Helping these two teenagers, plan, launch and manage their new venture, turn their idea into an opportunity, is the journey you will take with the two teenagers in Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure.

Both are older now and successfully launched a public software design company, but their teen year names- Billie and Freddie-stuck. Both are married with families, and launched a successful software company several years ago. They share their story on their teen age business journey, through a three-hour interview on a new TV show, Lessons For Young Entrepreneurs. Sharing their journey, they review the ups and downs, and planning to create a new fishing jig business with the help of Dr. Ralph Larsen, or ‘Doc’, and his constant companion, Mitch, described as the ‘droolingest’ St. Bernard they ever saw.

Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure provides young adult readers with a strong introduction to how to launch a new venture and uses story-telling and a conversational style to ensure a light, highly readable, jargon-free book.

A Step-by-Step Book Helping Young Entrepreneurs Succeed and Make $$$.

Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure

Author: Paul B. Silverman Publisher: Gemini Business Press
ISBN: 978-0-9835374-6-5
LCCN: 2020903999
Number of Pages: 188
No. of Chapters: 23


Freddie and Billie’s New Business Adventure Helps Young Adult Entrepreneurs Develop, Plan, Launch and Manage A New Business

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